T.A.S. is the description of Art Tech’s philosophy for making things better, faster, in higher quality, on time and cost efficient for Art Tech’s customers.

Every step of the projects is under control starting with the quoting untill the delivery to the customers warehouse. Following the order confirmation every single step of the production is reported to the customers by actual photos, 3D measurement reports, material certificates and even including truck’s location on the way to the customer.

We Speak the Same Language and Share the Same Culture with Our Customer

Speaking the same language does not mean that the Art Tech team can speak every single language in the world. But, our team can understand your quality expectations, tolerances, technical drawings, measurement protocols and the importance of your project. Every Art Tech employee can put himself to his customers’ shoes. This is our culture. Our goal is to estimate our customers needs, foresee the problems in advance, in order to prevent production failures. The satisfaction of our customer with our production is our success.

Art Tech’s Experience with European Companies

Our experience consists of instructional practices and collaborative improvement performed with our close customers operations on all of our projects. We use the same machinery, tooling, software and know-how like our customers in Germany, France, Italy and all other countries in Europe.

The Art Tech production stuff consists of well experienced experts in custom made mould base manufacturing.

Modern Machinery Line and Precise Production

High-end technology machines are used for production including 5 axis and CMM machines. Their maintenance, revision and laser calibrations are checked periodically. Our production line is climatized to avoid any tolerance deflection caused by temperature differences. Special and certified gauges are used at every step of production. We are improving our machinery line every year for faster production in higher quality.

Quality Assurance at Every Step and CMM Reporting

To assure the highest quality every step of the production is under control of our operators and quality control expert. Starting with the raw material entry, every operation is recorded for future references. A 3D measurement protocol is provided to the customers before delivery.

Consistent Performance and Cost Effectiveness

The labor cost in Turkey is still reasonable compared to many European countries. This is one of the advantages of Art Tech for providing most cost effective offers to Art Tech’s customers. When customers compare quality, performance and pricing Art Tech is naturally one step ahead of Art Tech’s competitors.

On Time Deliveries

We believe that time is the most valuable issue for all of us. Neither early, nor lately, JUST ON TIME...

The usual production period is around 2 to 3 weeks depending on the size and workmanship of the project. The delivery period is 5 to 7 days from Istanbul to any destination in Europe under normal circumtances. So averagely the projects are delivered within 4 to 5 weeks to our which is supposed to be a good performance.